Italian marble: all the curiosities

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Marmo Italiano: tutte le curiosità

Marble is a natural material, used for millions of years, which preserves the value of the territory from which it is extracted. Thanks to its color and shine, marble has always been a material much loved by artists, architects and designers for its charm. It takes on different colors and veins depending on the area in which it is extracted, therefore some types of marble are particularly valuable due to the characteristics of the quarry.

When we talk about marble we cannot help but immediately think of Italy, which is rich in quarries from which precious marble is extracted and for which our country is known throughout the world.

Among the best known Italian marbles: Bianco di Carrara, Perlato di Sicilia, Candoglia marble, Rosso di Verona and Travertine. What distinguishes one from the other are the minerals present in the rock which play a fundamental role, for example: Rosso di Verona is rich in hematite crystals which give it that typical red colour. Other marbles, however, have traces of chlorite which makes them green, or even pyrite. The types of white marble are distinguished by the almost absolute presence of calcite which determines their typical pearly colour.